Integral safety

PMI Comercio Internacional plays an active role in the international crude oil market, and it is aware that such activities implies a responsibility to society 
with regard to safety, protecting the environment, and preserving the resources of the Company and its clients. To this end, PMI Comercio Internacional established integrated safety policies and guidelines for each operation that undertakes in receiving, carrying, storing, and delivering crude oil.
PMI Comercio Internacional strategy includes similar standards applied by other oil companies, the requirements of international and Mexican organizations, as well as international guidelines and practices developed to avoid personal accidents, damage to facilities, environmental incidents and accidents at sea.
With these actions, PMI Comercio Internacional contributes to protecting the interests of Mexico, Pemex, and its clients while promoting a socially responsible company image in the private and public sectors.​



Myriam Olmos Analista Talento y Comunicaciones Claudia Angelica Tapia Diaz