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Visit our Electronic Invoicing Portal, a site where invoices issued by PMI can be accessed and supplier invoices, received.

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Dear Valuable Counterparty:
One of PMI's main goals is to establish trusted relationships with all companies we do trading and services business, as well as assuring that our interactions  are transparent and stable over time.
To achieve the goals we have in common, PMI considers vital to meet the guidelines and regulatory procedures established by the Mexican authorities; specifically those set forth by the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Credit (through Mexico’s Tax-Paying System, SAT), among others.
For more than a decade, Mexico we has  had an e-invoicing system by which you will be able to get tangible benefits in handling documents, cutting down documentation expenses, reducing document shipment and storage expenses; providing a guarantee that documents issued are official, and sending/receiving  documents any day of the week.
PMI could receive invoices, debit and credit notes through electronic means, which may be sent to: invoices@pmicim.com
All documents received shall be treated with the duly required confidentiality and professionalism they require.
An additional benefit is that in case of emergency (i.e., COVID-19 pandemic) suppliers may continue sending documents to the following email address: invoices@pmicim.com, knowing that they will be received and processed on time.
Any question or comment, please contact  egresos@pmicim.com; where we will be glad to help you.


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