Price and commercial guidelines

​​Crude oil price in the international market is influenced by a  range of factors, including political, economic, climate, energy policy, regulatory, supply and demand, and competitive.
In accordance with the Presidential Agreement published on May 18, 2012 in the Federal Official Journal, the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Credit is the entity responsible for determining the price mechanism at PMI Comercio Internacional for the selling of crude oil in international markets. In addition, Section 26 of the State-Owned Entities Federal Law stipulates that sale prices shall take into account prices prevailing in international markets. PMI Comercio Internacional has established formulas by which it determines the sale price of Mexican crude oils. These formulas are based on a basket of international references and an adjustment term. The adjustment term of each price formula may be are modified monthly based on a technical commercial analysis of the conditions prevailing in the international markets. 

Commercial guidelines



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Varinia Ramírez