PMI Comercio Internacional carries out operations for the purchase and sale of crude oil in the international markets.

Through trading activities undertaken by the Company, Mexico receives revenues from the sale of crude oil.

Currently, PMI Comercio Internacional carries out the international marketing of crude and seeks to maximize Pemex's economic value through the sale of crude oils to end users which, by virtue of their geographic location and refinery configuration, among other characteristics, derive a higher value by processing Mexican crude oil. In addition, PMI Comercio Internacional is able to sell crude oils to the strategic reserves of those countries with which Mexico has established diplomatic relations.
Over the years, has sought stable and enduring trade relations, which has resulted in recognition of PMI Comercio Internacional as a trustworthy supplier by its commercial counterparts.
The terms and conditions of each commercial agreement are specific for each client. However, resale is prohibited and all commercial counterparties should have the required financial strength to mitigate the underlying credit risk under our established policies. The term of agreements may be indefinite (evergreen) or they may have minimum compulsory periods (term agreements). Furthermore, PMI Comercio Internacional may do occasional (spot), incremental, or test sales.
At the load ports, Pemex certifies cargo volume and quality through an independent inspection company. PMI Comercio Internacional has the authority to appoint an independent inspector to certify the amount and quality at the destination port, as well as to sign service agreements with consulting firms, specialized laboratories, shipping agents, carriers, storage companies and any other service provider required to conduct its business.





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