Oil products

Regarding oil products trading, PMI Group is in charge of covering any deficits and​​​​ placing excess Pemex products. It is a link between Pemex’s different organizations and the international markets.

PMI Group trades gasoline, intermediate distillates, residual byproducts, natural gas liquid products, and petrochemicals in the American, European, and Far Eastern markets. To this end, PMI Group signs agreements with other parties in several areas of the world.

To optimize trading value, PMI constantly monitors arbitrage (price differentials) derived from the world's dynamic supply and demand of refined and petrochemical products, and exploits business opportunities arising in international markets. For the most part, the main source for the Mexican market is the American coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, which due to its geographical proximity and the fact that it is one of the main oil producing regions of the world, offers substantial benefits. However, other markets usually supplement the source of the imported products to Mexico, such as Europe and Far East.

Sarah Hdez