Shipping agents

a)    Name of company.
b)    Business line.
c)    Place of business of its offices and facilities.
d)    Place and date of incorporation.
e)    Name and line of business of the company's affiliates.
f)     Brief explanation of the company’s history.
g)    Number of employees.
h)    Name, position, address, telephone number, and company email of the main officers of the company.
i)     Main shareholders of the company.
j)     Name, address, telephone number and company email of the company’s representative in Mexico.
k)    Copy of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
l)     Commercial background with PMI Trading Ltd.
m)   Family or business relation of shareholders or employees of the company to the personnel of any company of PMI Group.

a)    Audited financial statements for the last two fiscal years.
b)    If applicable, financial statements of the appropriate corporation.
c)    Annual Report of the company.
d)    If applicable, annual report of the corporation.
e)    Partial financial statements.

Include preferably the references of those banks or company that have granted the most significant loans.
a)    Three bank references (name, address, telephone contact, and corporate email).
b)    Five commercial references (company name, address, contact, telephone number, corporate email, commercial relation, and annual amount of business).

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