Corporate structure

Between 1988 and 1993 Pemex undertook a modernization process restructuring its offices and investments abroad.  The goal was achieving a more efficient operation in its tax and commercial areas, as well as a better risk management from a legal perspective.

The strategy was creating a consortium of affiliates, known as Grupo PMI (PMI Group), aimed at commercializing crude oil and its by-products, providing services, and taking care of Pemex's participation overseas.

The incorporation of PMI Group considers corporation of different categories:

A. Trading Companies
Their goal is exporting crude oil, as well as commercializing oil by-products and petrochemicals, ensuring that the domestic demand for Pemex’s products is met.

B. Holdings
Their objective is holding the stock of companies created by line of business with specific purposes and to isolate risks.

C. Services
They manage, under service agreements, the holding companies, commercializing companies, and project companies so that these may better fulfill their functions. In some cases they are used as financial vehicles.

D.​​​​​​ Infrastructure
These companies develop infrastructure projects for Pemex, or take part in joint investment associations, as part of Pemex's business plan strategies​.​

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